Arrayies Cyan CM12/11 theme v1.0

Arrayies Cyan CM12/11 theme v1.0

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Arrayies Cyan CM12/11 theme v1.0

Arrayies is a flat, minimal theme that delivers a new experience. This is an installer-wrapped theme. You will have to launch the installer and then select a version (CM12 or CM11) to install. Why? Because there will more than one engine support. If you can't install it for some reason, send me an email and I'll send the theme to you.

Demo video

What's included
Styles, wallpapers, icons, boot animation, font.

What's themed
в–Є System apps (They are inverted to Holo Light)
в–Є Full CM/ PA/ Mahdi support including their OTA updaters and quick settings icons.
в–Є Third-party apps including WhatsApp, Facebook, Facebook messenger, Google Play music, store and hangouts, Google translate, YouTube, Google Keep, Instagram and others (53 in total)

1- What are the requirements?
A rooted phone (OnePlus One is an exception) that has CM11 theme engine.

2- How to root?
Check XDA.

3- This theme looks kind of familiar, have you stolen it?
No, I haven't. Check the disclaimer part for more information.

This theme wouldn't be possible without the help of these awesome works. Very big thanks to them! <3
в–Є iOS* 7 icons by Visual Pharm
в–Є Othericons by LuboЕЎ Volkov
в–Є Mirrored Twins (hollow) by PixelKit
в–Є Rcons Social by Alexei Ryazancev
в–Є MotionAndDesign - free logo FX (License was not clearly stated. If violated, just contact me, I'll delete the contents)
в–Є Ubuntu
в–Є Tapet by SharpRegion
This theme is based on Incarnadiae (my other theme), which is itself based on "GreatFreedom" template that is published on Github by elelinux here :
в–Є OnePlus One Frame, by Basspixel

*iOS is a trademark or registered trademark of Cisco in the U.S. and other countries and is used by Apple, Inc. under license.
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