Gemmylands v2.0

Gemmylands v2.0

Rating: 4
Gemmylands v2.0

Find the mountains of gems with little Jamie!
Go for exciting adventures and interesting puzzles in the genre of "three in a row."

Jamie, a resident of thСѓ Gemmylands, will share with you the secrets of precious stones. Prepare to use your dexterity and skills in this hard work!

Create sophisticated combination with bright gems and enjoy the colorful fireworks effects.
Pass rates using a variety of bonuses.

You will not regret visiting Gemmylands: it will give you a whole bunch of of multicolored impressions!

Key features:
- More than 100 different puzzles;
- Play with your friends in the social network VKontakte!
- Two game modes ("on time" and "moves on");
- The use of elemental totems force;
- Travelling in different worlds;
- Construction of the fabulous buildings, affecting the course of the game;
- Colorful graphics, vivid effects and animation of the main character.
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