dAmnMessenger Pro v2.167

dAmnMessenger Pro v2.167

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dAmnMessenger Pro v2.167

dAmnMessenger is an unofficial third party app for deviantART that allows users to chat and share art with thousands of deviants who are using the deviantART Message Network (dAmn) on your android phone or tablet. Join as many rooms as you want (You must still abide by deviant ART policies for dAmn). Don't have a deviantART account? No problem! dAmnMessenger allows new users to create a new deviantART account from inside the app, using the OAuth2 Secure Login page. Do you want the Free LITE version of dAmnMessenger? Well, you can download dAmnMessenger LITE!

• Cheap!
• Ad free!
• Chromocity Colors
• Emote Cloud
• Auto rejoin after being kicked
• Timestamps
• Part reasons
• Portrait and landscape orientations
• Private chat support
• OAuth2 Secure Login
• Chat notifications
• Simple user tabbing
• Swipe to change channels
• Pinch and Zoom
• Ignore users
• Auto join from a saved channel list
• Master room list (rooms with 2+ users)
• Room search (rooms with 2+ users)
• More features coming soon!

• What is deviantART?
• Is deviantART free? Short answer, yes.
• What is the deviantART Message Network (dAmn)?
• Are there rules specific to dAmn? Yes.
• Is there a BETA tester group? Yes.

Icon and misc graphic resources by DivinityArcane.
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