INDIGO CM11/PA Theme v4.2

INDIGO CM11/PA Theme v4.2

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INDIGO CM11/PA Theme v4.2


INDIGO CM/PA Theme Adds an Indigo Colored Shade to Your Device, With a Uniform HOLO look.

What You Need To Run This Theme
• Root
• Custom ROM with CM11 Theme Engine installed
• Reboot after installing the theme before applying it

Please Report Bugs/Suggestions to me, before Dropping a Bad Rating

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в?‘Material Design
в?‘Most apps Themed
в?‘Uniform Colors
в?‘L Wallpapers

• AOSP Browser
• AOSP Keyboard
• Whatsapp
• Framework
• SystemUI
• Settings
• Dialer
• Keyboard
• Fonts
• Lockscreen
• Wallpaper
• Loading Spinners
• Boot Animations
• Themed System/Stock Icons
• Ringtones/Alarms/Notifications
• Action Bars (Top/Bottom)
• Buttons, Radio Buttons, Checkboxes, Scrubber, Tabs, Switches, Rating Stars
• Quicksettings Action Bar Date -> Flat white
• Quicksettings Icons (PA+CM11 all toggles)
• Navigation Bar Keys
• First Time Informative Clings (Immersive, Hover etc)
• Fastscroll Indicators
• Dialog Windows
• Alert Windows
• Grid Borders
• Volume Panel

• WARNING: If you get force closes in Wi-Fi settings update to the latest cm11 nightly, PA will include the fix soon!
• If you are able to apply only the Styles part please uninstall the theme and install it again from playstore
otherwise you will not get all the features!

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