Health Report (Health & Diet) v1.8.0

Health Report (Health & Diet) v1.8.0

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Health Report (Health & Diet) v1.8.0

For preventing lifestyle diseases. Also convenient for recording diet. Record twice a day. Main selling point is graph. An angle of inclination is so steep within a given period of time to keep your motivation.

This app is designed with hospital doctors and nurses, and designed for those who are under hospitals' or public healthcare sections' support.

You can save and load CSV data in SD card. If you move the CSV file to PC, you can edit data using spread sheet software like Excel. You can transfer data in "Weigh Chart EX" and "Weigh Chart LITE" into this app using "Data Migration Tool" app.

weight (twice a day), BMI, fat percentage (twice a day), fat weight, blood pressure (high and low, twice a day for each), urine sugar or blood sugar after meals (three times a day), meal picture (four times a day), memo (four times a day), feeling stamps (four times a day), exercise (METS/EX), walk steps, walk distance, bowel, ladies period, waist, pulse, number of cigarette, amount of alcohol

All data except pictures, memos, stamps can be shown.

Please save data constantly. We never compensate for the data loss or damage.

-Values measured under hospitals' instruction are added, like urine sugar value after meals.
-You can send your numerical and picture data to medical institutions as email attachment.
-Medical institutions can provide remote instruction using the data through email or something.

Internet&Network: For email and access to Dropbox
Storage: For backup to SD card
Camera: Pictures for meals
We don't use those permissions except for above reasons.
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