CM 12 Sense 7 Blue Theme v1.03

CM 12 Sense 7 Blue Theme v1.03

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CM 12 Sense 7 Blue Theme v1.03

This is a theme for who likes interface of htc devices. Now you can have a Sense 7 and HTC M9 look with your cyanogenmod installed device !
Its compatible with CM12, AICP, Vanir, BlissPop, CyanideL, Candy5, Euphoria, Resurrection Remix, Screw'd, Validus, Team UB, Dirty Unicorns, Fusion ROMs.

You can use theme for XXXHDPI / XXHDPI / XHDPI / HDPI


+ Fully themed Android
+ Fully themed SystemUI
+ Fully themed Dialer
+ Fully themed Messaging
+ Fully themed Contacts
+ Fully themed Music (Eleven)
+ Fully themed Settings
+ Fully themed File Manager
+ Fully themed Gallery
+ Fully themed Sound Recorder
+ Fully themed Calculator
+ Fully themed Downloads
+ Fully themed Theme Chooser
+ Fully themed Whatsapp
+ M9 Default Blue Theme Wallpaper
+ M9 Default Blue Theme Lockscreen Wallpaper
+ M8 Boot Animation
+ M8 Fonts
+ M8 Alarm Tone
+ M8 Ringtone
+ M8 Notification Tone

Instructions :

Install the app
Apply theme from Theme Chooser of Cyanogenmod
Reboot your device for see the all changes
Enjoy !

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Notes :

Updating your Cyanogenmod source is highly recommended

Theme only compitable with CyanogenMod 12 and other ROMs Android Lollipop versions

Cyanogenmod theme engine still incompleted. So please dont review bad because of this problems

Please buy app from Play Store instead of pirate apk options from other websites to help me and help my work to contuniue
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