Neon Blue - CM12 Theme v1.4.3

Neon Blue - CM12 Theme v1.4.3

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Neon Blue - CM12 Theme v1.4.3

Please NOTE that a custom ROM with the latest CM Theme Engine is needed in-order for the theme to work. Aditionally, a reboot is required to fully apply the theme.

1. Download and install the theme
2. Go to Settings, select Themes
3. Find and select Neon Blue
4. Check the features you want and click apply
5. A reboot is sometimes necessary inorder to make all the changes

THEME Includes:
- Wallpapers
- Bootanimation
- Fonts
- Notification
- Themed Apps
• Framework
• SystemUI
• Settings
• Android Keyboard (Material Dark)
• Dialer/Phone
• Downloads/DocumentsUI
• Gallery
• Contacts
• Calculator
• AOSP Camera
• AOSP Mms
• CM Audio FX
• CM File Manager
• CM Sound Recorder
• CM Updater
• CM Theme Engine
• CM Trebuchet
• Google Play Store
• Google Keyboard (Material Dark)
• Google Search/Google Now
• some other apps

XDA Thread:
Green Variant:

- more apps to be themed
- more ROM support
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