Easy Fitness & Gym v1.0.3

Easy Fitness & Gym v1.0.3

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Easy Fitness & Gym v1.0.3

If you want to do fitness and bodybuilding and if you set a goal to gain muscle mass, lose weight, become stronger or just tone up, Bodybuilding & Fitness & Gymapplication will be your unexpendable assistant in that. The main aim of the application is simple: to provide you with all information required for the achievement of the wanted results.

We developed some exercises for different goals. What you can find in the application:

– Training programs for beginners, for 2 and 3 days a week
– Training programs to gain muscle mass, for 2, 3 and 4 days a week
– Training programs for fat burning, for 2 and 3 days a week

The main muscle groups represented in the training programs:

– Abdominal muscles
– Back
– Biceps
– Triceps
– Chest
– Legs
– Shoulders

Choose the most suitable exercises from those in the application, read the correct technique, and industriously train to achieve a good result. All exercises were developed by professional fitness coaches and make it possible to achieve the required result within a short period of time.

For the convenience of use and information perception, each exercise has a description of the technique and quality animation of the process.

Main advantages of the program:

– Training programs for different purposes made by professionals: for beginners, muscle mass gaining, weight reduction
– Description of the correct technique of the exercise
– Quality animation
– Simple use
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