Rouge CM12 Theme v2.4

Rouge CM12 Theme v2.4

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Rouge CM12 Theme v2.4

Rouge Theme

Rouge Theme is a theme that makes the user interface flat & minimalistic while changing the default android color to a rich red. Almost all the theme is done in a way that stays close to stock design for a clean, close to stock experience.

this theme is made to support the cm12 theme engine

also included in the theme

icon pack
lockscreen wallpaper
full system style
sound pack (ringtone,alarm tone, notification tone)

This theme is made for cyanogenmod Rom. Any other Rom you use it on is fine, but please don't leave bad reviews without contacting me first. More than likely it's a problem with other Roms not using the latest theme engine changes in there projects.

Once the app is installed go to settings/themes and find Rouge theme in your picker menu,click on it and select what you want to use... full theme pack, bootanimation only, style only, etc., etc. once applied, reboot to make sure all the elements get applied.
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