FireTube (Premium) v1.1.9

FireTube (Premium) v1.1.9

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FireTube (Premium) v1.1.9

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FireTube is a simple, easy to use music player that allows you to listen to any song, any time, any where. With FireTube, it's easy to discover new great music by creating playlists automatically and allowing you to sync with your Desktop's playlists through Firefox. Remember to support your favorite musicians by buying their albums and songs.

• Unlimited Music - Access to the largest database of music available.
• Background Play - Keep FireTube playing in the background with seamless playback.
• Discover Music - Search hot tracks to find popular music you may not have heard.
• Automatic Queue - Builds a playlist queue for you based on a song or artist.
• Sync Playlists - Syncs your playlist so you can access it from any Android device or Firefox browser.
• Import Playlists - Import your playlists to eliminate the need to create new playlists.
• Video Mode - Watch your favorite songs music video with a click of a button.
• Cache Music - Temporarily save songs to your device to listen without an internet connection.

Download the Firefox Version here:

Translation Help
- Italian (Thanks Francesco!)
- Spanish (Thanks Juan!)
- Hebrew (Thanks Jack!)
- French (Thanks Alexandre!)
- Portuguese (Thanks Felipe!)
- Thai (Thanks Sutthinai!)
- Vietnamese (Thanks Tai!)
- German (Thanks Umut!)
- Turkish (Thanks Umut!)
- Slovenian (Thanks Jaka!)
- Polish (Thanks Bartosz!)

If you would like to help with translate FireTube to your language, send the developer an email through the app or contact the developer at

[Disclaimer] -> I do not own the images or music associated with this application.
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