GMD GestureControl root v8.00 -beta1

GMD GestureControl root v8.00 -beta1

Rating: 5
GMD GestureControl root v8.00 -beta1

Control device with MULTITOUCH and MULTITASK gestures similar to iPad. Works in all applications. You can even hide status bar and enjoy full screen in your favorite games or while browsing.

Android 5.0 (Lollipop) support added in version 8.0.0

"For those who tend to get tired of Android's status bar, or just want more intuitive gesture-based controls on their tablet, this app is definitely worth a shot." - Android Police

в?… Try Lite version before you buy
в?… Requires root access

в?… Multitouch
в?… Multitask - start any application, shortcut or custom action without leaving current application
в?… Custom actions - LaunchPad, Start application, Previous Application, Next application, Home, Kill current application, Back, Forward, Recent application list, Recent application dialog, Menu, Notification Panel, Hide/Show status bar, Start launcher shortcut(bookmark, contacts, settings, etc), Start Tasker task, Pause gestures, Exit, Screen Off (lock), Alt+Tab, Music Play/Next/Previous, Volume, Search, Voice Search, Select Input Method.
в?… Swipe 4 fingers right - open previous application
в?… Swipe 4 fingers left - open next application
в?… Expand 4 fingers - LaunchPad (dialog with your applications, shortcuts and custom actions)
в?… Pinch 4 fingers - Home gesture
в?… Swipe 3 fingers down - Back gesture
в?… Swipe 3 fingers up - Bottom recent applications bar
в?… Swipe 4 fingers up - Hide/Show status bar (experimental)
в?… Custom gestures - create your own gestures to start any application, shortcut or custom action

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If your device is listed as unsupported, please read FAQ in Help tab. If it still do not work, contact me by email:

Description: This application allows you to control tablet with gestures.
Swipe 4 fingers up to hide status bar. Do same gesture again to restore bar.
Swipe 4 fingers right to open previous application.
Swipe 4 fingers left to open next application.
Pinch with 4 fingers anywhere on screen to return to home screen from any application.
Swipe 3 fingers down to execute back action in any application.
Swipe 3 fingers up to show custom bottom bar with recent applications.
Expand 4 fingers anywhere on screen to open LaunchPad dialog. It allows you start your most often used applications, shortcuts or custom actions anywhere anytime with simple gesture.
Works in all applications, games and browsers.
Application will use freed space when you hide status bar. Some games even work better with status bar hidden.
There is an option to switch to single touch gestures if its more convenient. You can even create your own gestures for any action.

Full version adds following features: option to hide notification icon, custom gestures and special actions, any number of actions in LaunchPad.
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