Root Task Manager v1.2

Root Task Manager v1.2

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Root Task Manager v1.2

Root Task Manager will help you to speed up, clean and optimize your device. Unlike any others task managers, Root Task Manager can find user or system running services, background apps and foreground processes which you can easily manage with multiple unique root commands and options.


Can be used for better gaming experience and lag free app launching.
Sets high priority to task. Task will obtain as much memory as it needs and will never be killed by Android OS. You can use this option if you need to speed up frequently used task or performance demanding task.

Battery saver
Uses hibernation to help you to save battery power.
If you use hibernation everything associated with task will stop working and task will not use any of the power of your device.

RAM cleaner - Killer
Helps you to clean your memory.
This option uses kill command which will end the task processes and free up your RAM.

App uninstaller
Helps you to fastly uninstall applications.
Can be used as system app uninstaller, but cannot uninstall critical apps for security reasons.

App disabler
Helps you to get rid of unwanted system and installed apps which drains your battery and performance.
Disables whole application. Application will behave like uninstalled, but you can anytime enable it. This option is suitable for unwanted system apps, because if something went wrong you can get back the changes without backup.

App cleaner
Helps you to set up apps to factory settings.
Removes all data from an application (cache files, folders).
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