Starship Legend v1.06

Starship Legend v1.06

Rating: 16
Starship Legend v1.06

Starship Legend is a classic outer space combat + simulation game. Amazing graphics, music, sound effects would bring you more exciting game experience. Various fighters and weapons for you to choose, the only goal is to defeat the evil boss and to protect your homeland.

This game features:

* 5 brand new fighters with amazing fire power. Blast all your enemy!

* Various selection of weapons. Choose your wingman wisely to give you the ultimate protection.

* 5 different bullets with diverse trajectories, giving you the ultimate weapon combination. Enjoy your unique weapon combination and shoot your enemy with style.

* Abundant unique props to choose from, nuclear bomb with special explosive effects, shield, invincible dash. Use probs to protect yourself.

* Upgrade your fighters and become the ultimate power for your homeland

* Connected to your friends. Let them know who rule the world by unlock achievements!

* Daily login rewards, bring out daily surprises to you!
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