Smart Network v1.5.0

Smart Network v1.5.0

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Smart Network v1.5.0

This App requires Xposed framework:

This an automated way to change your mobile data state (Off, 2G/GSM only, 3G...), switch NFC/Bluetooth ON/Off, disconnect WiFi or turn it Off when your screen is Off, this should help you improve your battery life.

в?† Disable Data Auto synchronization when your screen is Off
в?† Switch automatically to 2G / Edge when your screen is Off
в?† Turn Off your mobile data when your screen is Off
в?† Disconnect your current WiFi AP when your screen is Off
в?† Turn Off WiFi service when your screen id Off
в?† White list applications for WiFi and Mobile data
в?† WiFi SSID White list for WiFi changes
в?† Turn Off NFC when screen is Off
в?† Turn Off Bluetooth when screen is Off
в?† Delay options for each connection type
в?† Timers to activate periodically WiFi/Data/Sync while screen is Off
в?† Wait for screen unlock before turning ON services

в?† Please make sure Xposed framework is installed, then enable this module on Xposed installer and Reboot.
в?† Reactivating your 3G/LTE network mode may take a few delay depending on your network area coverage.
в?† This App will NOT work if the System is still booting (so do NOT turn Off the device manually just after it boots up).

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