Eloquence Text To Speech v1.1.1

Eloquence Text To Speech v1.1.1

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Eloquence Text To Speech v1.1.1

ETI-Eloquence Text To Speech (TTS) is an Android ported version of the popular Eloquence Text-To-Speech synthesizer.

ETI-Eloquence is a TTS engine that you can use in a wide range of applications such as:
- Screen readers and applications for blind people (like Talkback or Mobile Accessibility)
- GPS software (like Google Maps)
- E-book readers (like Play Books)
- Translators (like Google Translate)
- And many more!

The main features of ETI-Eloquence TTS are:
- 10 languages included with a single purchase: US English, UK English, Spanish (Spain), Spanish (Mexico), German, Finnish (Finland), French (France), French (Canada), Italian and Portuguese (Brazil)
- Speed and pitch configuration
- User Dictionary: possibility to add, edit or remove words from a dictionary to customize the pronunciation

Once the application is installed on your device, you can make ETI-Eloquence your default TTS engine by going to Settings > Language & input > Text-to-Speech output and checking "ETI-Eloquence TTS" as your default preferred engine.

All Android devices from 4.0 onwards are supported.
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