Talking Together KIDS v1.0

Talking Together KIDS v1.0

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Talking Together KIDS v1.0

A communication game for families with children aged 3-7, where the goal is not to win, but to understand & talk to each other, have fun and tell stories.
The game consists of 40 different topics to talk, e.g. Sharing, Love, Hygiene, Clothing, Pets,.. There are 4 sections in each topic which help to develop the motor, verbal and imagination skills of your child: Puzzle, Talk, Look and Sing/Tell a Story.

Why to play Talking Together?
- It develops and supports communication, understanding, friendship and fun in the family
- It presents fun and educational questions that you may not have managed to ask yet; questions that support openness and sincerity in the family.
- Children learn how to respond to real life situations that they might come across.
- The questions improve memory, observation skills, readiness, imagination and knowledge of the world around us.
- It improves the verbal skills and vocabulary of children
… let’s get closer to each other.

The entire content went through the comments of many families with children, our friends, but also a child psychologist, remedial teachers and a speech therapist. Talking Together was also played with children in many kindergartens.

Play Talking Together while traveling by car or train, in the waiting room at the doctor's or just before bedtime.

The game consists of:
- 40 different topics to talk on 5 maps
- Original hand-drawn graphics
- 280 questions to improve observation and communication skills
- Recording of your stories and songs
- A lot of fun with singing and story telling
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