Madsonic Media Streamer PRO v5.6

Madsonic Media Streamer PRO v5.6

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Madsonic Media Streamer PRO v5.6

Madsonic is a Music Streaming client to be used with Subsonic/Madsonic media streamer server software.

It is a fork of the original subsonic android client and adds some new enhancements.

Madsonic is a music streaming app (with no ads!). Use it to connect to your own Remote Streaming Server and listen to your music wherever you go! Songs are cached for playback to save your mobile bandwidth and to make them available when you have no Mobile Connection!

In order to use all Features in the Client you must use the Madsonic server. (

The following features have been implemented:

Advanced UI
Advanced Notification
Artist/Album/Songs Display Count Settings
new search suggestion provider,
Use Roboto Thin font (API 16+),
support serverside Lyric API 1.10.2,
support installation on Google TV,
deep App Linking/Redirector,
add Lockscreen Widget,
Update Widgets,
add Theme Flawless,
add Album Star Button,
add Album Share Button,
Audiofocus Settings,
Lock screen controls
Better Playlist Support
Better Bluetooth Support
Add/Remove Songs to Playlist
Stuttering playback Fix

New Chattab
Support Gapless playback
Support Drag&Drop on Playlist
Rework Imageloader, better caching
some Theme tweaks

Language selectable
Support up to 10 Server Entries
import Server Settings from XML File
Default Option for Videoplayer intern/extern
small Bug Fixes/Changes from User Reports

New Views:
new added Songs,
last played Songs,
All Artists View
Genre Artists View
Starred Artists View
Genre Songs
Album Tips
Hot Rated List
Starred song support
Starred album support
Alphabetical by artist
Alphabetical by album

New Themes:
Flawless Fullscreen Theme
Light Fullscreen Theme
Pink Fullscreen Theme
Dark Fullscreen Theme
Holo Fullscreen Theme
Red Fullscreen Theme

New Translation:

More Feature will come ...
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