Mirror Image Photo Editor Pro v1.0.8

Mirror Image Photo Editor Pro v1.0.8

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Mirror Image Photo Editor Pro v1.0.8

Do you love mirror effect in photos? Do you love doing it on your own? If yes, download the free android app Mirror Image Photo Editor on your android device and start running a photo studio at your fingertips.

Mirror Image Photo Editor allows you to create mirror effect in your photos. You can create left-right, up-down, reflection, repeating as well as reflection style enabled photos with this photo editor app. Furthermore you can apply several photo effects and designer photo frames to these mirror photos for making them more attractive.

Select photo from gallery or you can capture a new snap by camera for creating mirror effect,
Use left right mirror, repeat - 4, up down mirror, and reflect 4 reflections: the app will work as an expert photo editor,
Use more than 50 unique photo frames and around 40 photo filters,
Move the photo for adjusting the mirror effect as per discretion,
Randomly apply mirror effect (reflection), filter effect, as well as you can add photo frame for creating a designer photo effects.
Share the square photo on Instagram as well as post it on the social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.
You can enjoy other value added features like adjustment of brightness, contrast, tint, warmth, saturation, and auto color and auto contrast for the most dramatic effect.
Mirror Image Photo Editor is everyting that you would expect from a comprehensive photo editor.
15 new Mirror Effect
Select multiple image ratio, create square photos.
High resolution results.
Contrast, Warmth, Brightness, Tint and Saturation editing tools
37 unique effects and filters
Auto color
Auto contrast.
Tens of fancy borders and frames
Vignette filters

Now with the app Mirror Image Photo Editor you can be the expert photography editor and you will be able to create wonderful photos.
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