Cobalt Lollipop - CM12 Theme v1.2.0

Cobalt Lollipop - CM12 Theme v1.2.0

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Cobalt Lollipop - CM12 Theme v1.2.0

This theme for for devices that come with the CM Theme Engine preinstalled or are ROOTED and running a CUSTOM ROM that supports the CM Theme Engine

Themed content:
в—Џ Framework
в—Џ Browser
в—Џ Calculator
в—Џ Camera
в—Џ Chrom/Beta
в—Џ Contacts
в—Џ Dialer
в—Џ DocumentsUI
в—Џ Email
в—Џ Gallery3d
в—Џ AOSP Keyboard
в—Џ Settings
в—Џ SystemUI
в—Џ Playstore
в—Џ CM Account
в—Џ CM Eleven
в—Џ CM Filemanager
в—Џ CM Updater
в—Џ CM Audiofx
в—Џ CM Themechooser
в—Џ Gmail
в—Џ Google Hangouts
в—Џ Google Inbox
в—Џ Google Now
в—Џ Google Music
в—Џ Google Plus
в—Џ Dropbox
в—Џ Instagram
в—Џ Twitter
в—Џ Whatsapp
в—Џ Whisperpush
в—Џ Lots More....

This theme also includes Custom Ringtones, Custom Wallpapers, Custom Icons, and a Custom Font

NOTE: The Font may be difficult to see for some users as it's a narrow compact font. If you're struggling with the text in any way I recommend applying the "System" Font in the theme options or a font from another theme.

NOTE: CM theme engine for lollipop released a month ago and is still undergoing development. Expect some bugs and force closes. A quick soft reboot/reboot will solve the problem.
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