iCorps: Pocket Reference v6.0.5

iCorps: Pocket Reference v6.0.5

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iCorps: Pocket Reference v6.0.5

iCorpsв„ў is pocket reference for everything Marine Corps. allows all Past, Present, Future Marines and any Android user to learn about the Marine Corps or just to keep up to date with as the times progress.

iCorpsв„ў is a hip pocket app, to be used on the go. it's a means of finding what you need anywhere you don't have a PC.

*If you can not move to SDCARD, uninstall and reinstall.

**If you upgraded and do not see certain things, please click db Update, to update your database. If you want to move iCorpsв„ў to SDCard and can not, please delete the it from your device and reinstall -or- if you having issues with your ribbons and rank showing up all over the place, please delete and reinstall the app.

**Beware, Rooted devices might cause the license library to crash the iCorps App.

** Not Android 5.0 (LolliPop) Ready.
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