WiFiMedic Pro v1.1

WiFiMedic Pro v1.1

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WiFiMedic Pro v1.1

This app reports the vital signs of the WiFi connection on your mobile device. It has Diagnostics which test the key connection points of your network, so you can troubleshoot where the problem is. The Speed Test determines how fast your current connection is, whether thats over WiFi or Cellular. Network Details gives you vital network information.

If your device is associated to an access point the app can report...

Access Point manufacturer name
Access Point MAC address
Network name (SSID)
RSSI / Signal
Link Speed

WiFiMedic Pro can also display...

Client Information

IP Address
Subnet Mask
Gateway Address
Device MAC Address

Ping Round Trip Time (RTT) to Gateway IP Address
RTT to Custom Host Name/IP Address
Internet Download Speed Test
Data Management

Emails Emails You a Single Results
Emails You the Speed Test History
Gateway Address
Device MAC Address
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