Heroes Never Die v1.0.2

Heroes Never Die v1.0.2

Rating: 20
Heroes Never Die v1.0.2

Heroes Never Die is a 3D Action Tower Defence game. Player need to fight against hundreds of monsters with your hero and stop them from getting into the teleport. Of course, use your traps and towers wisely, they will be a great help to kill those monsters.

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* 48 levels to challenge.
* 3 heroes with different skills.
* Lots of different traps and towers, make a good strategy with them to fight efficiently.
* Collect equipments for your hero. Collect equips that dropped from monsters, equips will make your heroes more powerful.
* Endless mode: Challenge for high scores with the best players. Check your rank in Leader Board.

NOTICE: This is an offline game, un-install the game will remove all your saved profiles, it's un-revertible!

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