Japanese Kanji Study - жјўе­—е­¦зї’ v1.8.15 Unlocked

Japanese Kanji Study - жјўе­—е­¦зї’ v1.8.15 Unlocked

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Japanese Kanji Study - жјўе­—е­¦зї’ v1.8.15 Unlocked

Kanji Study is my ongoing project that attempts to be an easy to use and helpful app for learning Japanese kanji. Start by splitting up kanji sets into manageable sizes, then study using flashcards and review using customizable quizzes. Learn to write kanji with a challenging draw practice mode and use the search feature to look up kanji quickly.

The app is currently in ENGLISH only and is NOT entirely free. The free version has no ads and offers full study for beginner kanji, hiragana, katakana, and radicals. The search feature is completely free and not restricted. The one-time upgrade unlocks the remaining kanji for studying and allows you to create your own custom sets. It also supports continued development of this app.

I am working on translations. If you are interested in helping, please contact me.

Here is a more detailed breakdown of features.

в?… Search kanji
• Lookup over 6000 kanji using one text field
• Combine text, stroke count, and radicals for a quick lookup

в?… View detailed info
• See radical breakdowns with highlighting within kanji
• Reference numerous compound kanji examples and sentences that grow in difficulty

в?… Drill using flashcards
• Swipe to navigate kanji within the set
• Tap the screen to toggle between kanji info and a natural display of the kanji
• Assign study ratings and filter kanji to focus your studying

в?… Review using quizzes
• Select kanji answer among carefully selected and adaptive distractors
• Customise the session to show different prompts, disable timers and more

в?… Practice drawing kanji
• Strokes snap into place when drawn correctly
• Hints appear when you are struggling

в?… Backup progress with google drive or local storage
в?… Add shortcuts to your home screen to study a set
в?… Use the rankings screen to make custom sets based on study stats
в?… Group kanji by either JLPT level or Jouyou grade
в?… Enable custom study reminders at a specified time
в?… Favorite kanji, radicals and examples for later reference

- In-app Purchase (purchase upgrade)
- External Drive (store backup files)
- Install Shortcuts (add home screen shortcuts)
- Run at startup (reschedule notifications)
- Full network access (send analytics)

в?…в?…в?…в?…в?… Superior to every other kanji app. This is the kanji app you're looking for. The UI is smooth, clean, and sensible. Functionality wise it is rich with features wrapped in a robust system of easily studying, organizing, and understanding kanji. A notable highlight is the writing practice as the app recognizes stroke direction, and corrects you according to the kanji.

в?…в?…в?…в?…в?… Brilliant. I have tried a lot of apps for Kanji study, but this one is the best. Easy to use and very complete. You go from radical to Kanji and back, and you see exactly how you got there. Thank you very much.

в?…в?…в?…в?…в?… Very clean and smart design. Rapid choice quizzes are both enjoyable and intensive, with a clear focus for serious studying, unlike many other apps that either ugly or made for idiots.

в?…в?…в?…в?…в?… You will love this app. I love how you can identify the radicals so easily with this app. Good design and easy to use.

в?…в?…в?…в?…в?… Exactly what I needed. Easily the best app I've used for remembering Kanji, and the only app I've used that was good enough to warrant me buying the full version.

в?…в?…в?…в?…в?… Perfect. Seriously one of the best kanji apps!!! So many little touches which all together make this a truly impressive achievement.

в?…в?…в?…в?…в?… This app is the most pleasurable study app I've found. The attention to detail in the interface is commendable, and forced me to purchase it because the other apps don't compare.

в?…в?…в?…в?…в?… I've used other apps for Japanese study, but none of them have had variety, innovation, AND active developers/frequent updates. Thank you for a great all around app!

в?…в?…в?…в?…в?… Props to the author. This app is sleek, well thought and definitely awesome to learn Japanese writing. It definitely deserves the money of the upgrade.

What is New:
- Added group navigation to draw practice screen

- Added jump menu to drill mode when tapping index label

- Added paste from clipboard menu option to search

- Added double tap to open draw practice on info screens

- Added redo option to practice mode when stopped

- Updated layout for practice mode when stopped

- Fixed bug when rotating in Practice mode

- Fixed negative star counts on home screen

- Fixed other small bugs and crashes
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