CM13/12.x Ubuntu Light Theme v3.7

CM13/12.x Ubuntu Light Theme v3.7

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CM13/12.x Ubuntu Light Theme v3.7

Only works in ROMs with CM12 theme engine.
Please reboot after apply the theme. If you have any problems please contact me via email

•Ubuntu font

•UI Colors
•Notifcation Drawer
•AOSP Keyboard
•Eleven Music
•File Manager
•Google plus
•Google hangouts

What is New:
Version 3.7:
- Improve icon in statusbar.
- Add google inbox.
- Add google youtube.
Version 3.6:
- Improve SystemUI
- Add widget
- Add Messaging
- Retheme Instagram
- Retheme Google+
- Improve Facebook
Version 3.5:
- Improve Settings
- Improve SystemUI
Version 3.4:
- Theme CM13 Messaging.
- Improve Dialer in CM13.
Version 3.3:
- Improve systemUI (CM13 - 6.01)
- Improve Trebuchet.
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