CM13/12.x Ubuntu Light Theme v3.7

CM13/12.x Ubuntu Light Theme v3.7

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CM13/12.x Ubuntu Light Theme v3.7

Only works in ROMs with CM12 theme engine.
Please reboot after apply the theme. If you have any problems please contact me via email [email protected]

•Ubuntu font

•UI Colors
•Notifcation Drawer
•AOSP Keyboard
•Eleven Music
•File Manager
•Google plus
•Google hangouts

What is New:
Version 3.7:
- Improve icon in statusbar.
- Add google inbox.
- Add google youtube.
Version 3.6:
- Improve SystemUI
- Add widget
- Add Messaging
- Retheme Instagram
- Retheme Google+
- Improve Facebook
Version 3.5:
- Improve Settings
- Improve SystemUI
Version 3.4:
- Theme CM13 Messaging.
- Improve Dialer in CM13.
Version 3.3:
- Improve systemUI (CM13 - 6.01)
- Improve Trebuchet.
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