Galaxy Music Visualizer Pro v1.45

Galaxy Music Visualizer Pro v1.45

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Galaxy Music Visualizer Pro v1.45

This is both a colorful music visualizer and a Live wallpaper. You will travel through the endless star fields of a majestic spiral galaxy. The music visualizer syncs the colors of the stars with your favorite music. 15 different themes for the music visualization is included.

You can create your own Galaxy journey by choosing from stars like Sirius and Alpha Centauri. You can then change the color, size and brightness of the stars, the speed of your journey and much more.

You can choose between 16 different backgrounds and 2 different journeys; "Warp drive journey" and "Merkaba generator journey". Battery saving functionality is also available.

Enable the Gyroscope if you want more interactivity. Your view in 3D space will then change when you tilt and rotate the screen. Gyroscope is easier to use if you lock the device to landscape or portrait mode.


Both a Live wallpaper and a fullscreen visualizer is included. Both of these have music visualization. Choose "Visualizer" from the startscreen to start the fullscreen visualizer. Play your music with any music player, like Spotify or Winamp. The app will then follow and visualize the music.

****How to change the music syncing capabilities****

You can adjust these music syncing capabilities: Music colors, Music colors change rate, Speed

1) Music colors

The app chooses the colors for the stars based on how the music sounds. This will result in a very colorful music visualization. You can choose between 15 different color themes for this.


You can adjust the speed of the journey so it harmonizes with the speed of the music. It would be better if this could be done with BPM syncing in the software of the app, but the mobile processors are not powerful enough for this yet.

General info

The app will turn to default mode without reacting to the music, when no music is playing or if you disable "music visualization"


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