Video Watermark PRO v1.0

Video Watermark PRO v1.0

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Video Watermark PRO v1.0

You have recorded an amazing video using your phone and want to share it on social media. Add your watermark text on the video to personalize it.

Why watermark is important ?
Watermark your videos to protect them from unauthorized and uncredited copying. Watermarked video's deters content stealers and those who pass anyone's video as original work without giving due credit. Share your creation with confidence on the social media.

Video Watermark PRO does the work for you in just two steps 1) select video 2) enter text. No other complex stuff required.
It supports setting font size, colors, position, font so you can create your perfect and unique style.

Please note the videos recorded using default camera app are processed best. Trying to process third party videos / whatsapp videos might not work.

This app is useful for content creators and video bloggers. Watermarked videos are saved as a copy and the original video remains intact.

Test Cases done on Moto X Play, results may vary with other devices depending on hardware.
Video Duration : Video Resolution : Size : Time to Watermark
30 sec : 640x480 : 16 MB : 50 sec
30 sec : FULL HD : 61 MB : 1 min 19 sec
5 mins : FULL HD : 600+ MB : 12 mins 30 sec

Download our Video Sizer app, see more apps section. It lets you record videos in smaller resolution which create smaller file sizes.
Use Video Sizer to record your video in small size. Then watermark it using Video Watermark PRO. You'll have your unique video ready in minutes. Now share this video on social media with confidence.

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