MegaCast Pro v1.069

MegaCast Pro v1.069

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MegaCast Pro v1.069

It is the first Chromecast player with real time transcoding support. It goes ever further than the possible, and it CAN even PLAY files that Chromecast doesn’t support. No restrictions, no delay.
MegaCast is the most powerful Chromecast player at the moment. You can watch any video you have stored on your phone directly on your Chromecast and it takes only one click.

Unique features include:

- Play any video/audio/image format without any restrictions via your Chromecast device
- Subtitle automatic preloading and manual adding with seamless subtitle change
- DLNA casting support (all video/image/audio formats)
- External sources casting support (all video/image/audio formats)
- Dropbox casting support (all video/image/audio formats)
- LAN casting support (mp4/jpg/mp3 for now, all formats support will be added in next release)
- Playlist, you can add your favorite media to the playlist now

As soon as you get used to these fantastic features, we are ready to give you even more.

If you have any ideas on how to make it even more amazing, or you simply want to ask us anything, feel free to send us an email. We are eager to know your thoughts during every step of creating awesome apps.

What is New:
- DLNA casting support added (all video/image/audio formats)
- Casting support from external sources (all video/image/audio formats)
- LAN casting support added (mp4/jpg/mp3 only for now..)
- Playlist, you can add your favorite media to the playlist now
- Seamless subtitle change, selecting subtitles will not interrupt video playback
- App stability significantly increased - Multiple minor improvements
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