Morphing Galaxy Visualizer v1.45

Morphing Galaxy Visualizer v1.45

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Morphing Galaxy Visualizer v1.45

Bring the awe-inspiring beauty and force of the universe to your device with galaxies that morph endlessly in this Live wallpaper and music visualizer app! It creates a unique and colorful soundscape, when it syncs with your favorite music. 11 ways of visualizing the music are included. Watch as shining, ever changing star patterns bloom, curl, expand, and unfold.

Relax and marvel in the sight of the cosmos even while you are stuck in your office cubicle, and the ultra-bright night lights of your metropolis drown out the stars. All you have to do is tap, select and apply.

You can choose between 40 different galaxy types like "Plasma galaxy" and "Hypnotic galaxy". It is also possible to create and design your own galaxy by choosing the type of stars and then choosing their size and brightness.

Enable the gyroscope for more interactivity! Your view in 3D space will then change when you tilt and rotate the screen. You can also change the speed and the appearance of the interstellar clouds.


Both a Live wallpaper and a fullscreen visualizer is included. Both of these have music visualization. Choose "Visualizer" from the startscreen to start the fullscreen visualizer. Play your music with any music player, like Spotify or Winamp. The app will then follow and visualize the music.

****How to change the music syncing capabilities****

You can adjust these music syncing capabilities: Music colors, Music colors change rate, Star type, Speed

1) Music colors

The app chooses the colors for the stars based on how the music sounds. This will result in a very colorful music visualization. You can choose between 10 different color themes for this.

2) Music colors change rate

"Smooth music colors" and "mixed music colors" are the default color themes for the music visualization. This is set by default when you install the app. This theme switches between color themes in a random way. It can for instance switch from "red to blue" to "yellow to red". "Music colors change rate" determines how often this switching occurs.


You can adjust the speed of the journey so it harmonizes with the speed of the music. It would be better if this could be done with BPM syncing in the software of the app, but the mobile processors are not powerful enough for this yet.

4) Star type

The type of star shown during music visualization.

The app will turn to default mode without reacting to the music, when no music is playing or if you disable "music visualization".


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