ShaPlus Caller Info (India) v4.0 [Ad Free]

ShaPlus Caller Info (India) v4.0 [Ad Free]

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ShaPlus Caller Info (India) v4.0 [Ad Free]

Identify the location of Indian incoming and outgoing calls.

For landline calls, state and city is shown and for mobile calls, state and operator is shown. For International calls, calling country is shown. In main screen, you can look-up any mobile number, Indian STD code or ISD code(add 00 prefix for ISD code lookup). Position of alert can be set in settings.

Now includes detailed call log for missed calls, outgoing calls and incoming call showing Indian state (city also for landline) for Indian numbers and country for international numbers. Option to directly call the entries in the call log. After installing a shortcut "ShaPlus Call Log" is created to directly launch call log of the program.

Also includes optional STD Prefixer to call local landline numbers without dialing STD code. When enabling STD Prefixer in Settings, you have to enter local STD code also.

Note : Operator of mobile number will be accurate only for mobile numbers not ported using Mobile number portability(MNP).

What is New:
- Codes up to Oct 2016 updated. Added around 700 new codes and updated codes reallocated.
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