TwitPanePlus for Twitter v9.2.1

TwitPanePlus for Twitter v9.2.1

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TwitPanePlus for Twitter v9.2.1

TwitPane is a light weight and powerful Twitter app

More useful and customizable app than official app.

- Supports Twitter Emoji(emoticon)
- Supports HTTP/2.0 & SPDY(10% faster than the other app to communicate. HTTP/2.0 and SPDY is supported in android 4.1 or later)
- Customizable tabs
- Customizable design
- Multiple twitter accounts support(free:3accounts, after ad-free bought or PLUS edition:5accounts)
- Account switching at the new tweet dialog
- Share photo with Twitter(multiple photo and gif support!), Twitpic, YFrog, Twipple
- Thumbnail photos and rapid image viewer
- Supports play
- Supports twicca plug-ins
- UserStreaming
- Reply to multi-tweets
- Color labeling
- Search and trends
- Saved search
- Drafts of new tweets
- Conversation
- Lists (tabs)
- List editing(Create/Edit/Add Member/Delete/etc...)
- Profile and edit
- Retweet
- Follow/Unfollow
- Filtering (User/Word/App)
- Design tweet and import
- Config Export/Import
- Auto pagination

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What is New:
- Add tweet count on Trends
- Add live mode toggle feature (long tapping of hashtag button)
- Others
- Support to compose over 140 characters tweet
- гЃќгЃ®д»–
- Support to show over 140 character tweets
- Fix some bugs
- Others
- Add "Wrap name" setting
- Others
- Improve performance
- Fix design problems
- Fix DM problem
- Others
# End the support of Android 2.3 to 4.0 (Use TwitPaneClassic instead)
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