App List Backup Pro v1.6

App List Backup Pro v1.6

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App List Backup Pro v1.6

How much do you hate it when you lose your awesome apps?
What if I told you that you can once and for all solve this problem by just downloading a simple app to take care of this for you?
Just think about all the time and nerves you are going to save in case your phone accidentaly brakes, you just buy a new one or simply want yo share you app list with a friend.
And lets be honest - upgrading to a new phone or just changing your current one has been a pain in the ass for Android since ever,
no matter what Google tells you or updates - you know that you just cannot be 100% sure.
With App List Backup Pro you can have all your apps with you all the time - wherever you go and whatever happens to your phone.
You will:
- Save file with all your apps
- Easily forward them to a friend (no side-app needed, just copy and paste this file from your device to the target device)
- Ad free app (No trashy apps to spoil your experience)
- You can choose where to save the backup file
- Re-download them whenever you want or need (on the same or another device)
- High security


If you want to have possibility to choose where to save the backup file, please see our PRO VERSION or ZERO PERMISSION VERSION.

The idea is NOT to back up non-Play-Store apps or to save you from re-downloading apps.
This app doesn't work properly with some devices. It may write the file on Internal storage. This is because getExternalStorageDirectory method provided by Android doesn't work properly on every device (for example Samsung Galaxy). We try to make some hacks to fix this Android app but still doesn't working on some devices.
So please don't rate negatively due to that...


What is New:
Version 1.6:
- Bug fixes (Android 6+)
Version 1.5:
- Bug fixes
Version 1.4:
- New feature - Choose where to save and from where to restore
- New color scheme
- New Logo (Transparent)
Version 1.3:
- New Logo
Version 1.2:
- Support for saving to removable SD card on Samsung Galaxy S/S2/S3/S4 and other devices that have both internal and removable storage
- Visual design improvements
- Performance improvements
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