Fast Reading Pro v1.5 b16

Fast Reading Pro v1.5 b16

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Fast Reading Pro v1.5 b16

Advantages of the full version:
- Reading speed increased to 1500 words per minute
- Download free books from clouds
- Open the PDF, TXT and FB2 files
- Change the color of the words and central letter
- No ads

Train and improve your reading up to speed 1500 word/minute !
Create and open your book again and again (You'll like this) !

If you need to train your reading to speed 1500 word/minute in the short term - simply install Speed Reader, copy text, create book and read ! It's fun and fast!
After 1-2 week you'll can read on speed 500-600 word in minute.

Practice your reading speed up to 1000 words / minute!
This app is very fast and easy to use.

This application uses a "rapid serial visual presentation" to help you read faster.
Just look in the center of the screen and read!

You can change the reading speed, text size and color.
Also, you can read in night mode, it is very convenient.

Frequently asked Questions

   - Assimilate information on such great speed (1k + wpm) have no effect?
It depends on skill. From habit, without losing the quality of reading may be able to read only one and a half times faster. But if you use the Fast Reader regularly, then you get used, the speed is increased recognition and understanding. Overclock brain!

   - Why do I need to read so fast?
Save time in the first place. You can find out information faster. And for those situations when you can sacrifice some quality perception, will be able to get an even bigger gain in speed. For example, to read the news, you can specifically set the speed of 1.5k - the general sense is clear.

   - What if there are problems with the perception of the text?
For example, you press too often pause to re-read the previous passage or imagination has not kept pace.
Make sure that you do not have articulation - involuntary movements of the lips and tongue while reading text. Try to accept the text of the eyes, not reciting it to myself. By the way, this speed reading technology itself teach you that.
Start reading at a rate of no more than 300 words per minute. Read in a relaxed atmosphere. Read simple texts - articles on general subjects, fiction, or even text you already read before. After some time (maybe five minutes, maybe a day) you will notice that the text on the current speed is perceived quite easily, and you stop reading less and less to read the previous passage. Now will increase the speed of 50 words per minute.
Pick the right speed.
For unknown words you will likely need to take a break in order to understand the meaning. But this is also true for normal reading.
Configure the application for maximum comfort. Pick comfortable for you font size and position of the text on the page. During the day, in direct sunlight or when the glossy screen surface is better to use light design. In the evening, it is recommended to include the dark.

   - Will it so read technical texts and literature?
Yes, although it will be possible to make only portions of plain text, and probably at a lower speed than usual.

   - Is suitable for fiction?
Most definitely fits. The images are perceived even more vivid and colorful. The text can be said, it is transformed into a movie. However, sometimes the opposite occurs when images are perceived worse and it is impossible to fully enjoy the product. But if you're lucky, and you have a quick creative thinking, then read fiction you will be much more interesting.

   - How to solve the problem with blinking?
Just do not forget to blink. This applies not only to read. Allow drying surface of the eye can not. Generally, blinking - it is a very quick process. Usually it does not even have difficulty with blinking on the read speed of 1,000 wpm. The main thing is not to forget.

What is New:
- Read PDF, TXT and FB2 format
- Fixed file reading
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