Reminder Pro v1.8.9

Reminder Pro v1.8.9

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Reminder Pro v1.8.9

Reminder - a truly intuitive reminder app that will never let you miss a thing.

A must-have Reminder app
Embrace the power of the Reminder and start getting your things done on time.

вќЌ Deadlines are no longer a problem with Reminder; simply create a reminder for each deadline and let the app do the work for you.

вќЌ Meetings – work schedules can get busy and the last thing you want to do, when such a thing happens, is miss one of your meetings. Create a weekly reminder for each meeting and be sure you will never miss one.

вќЌ Homework and Assignments – we are all familiar with them, and know that to get all of them done on time a good planning is required. Using Reminder you can solve this problem and make your life easier.

вќЌ Birthdays – sometimes it can be difficult to remember all the birthdays of your close friends and relatives, and you most definitely don’t want to make any of them upset.
But don’t worry, Reminder can help you with this, too; just create a yearly reminder for each birthday and let the app do the rest.

вќЌ Anniversaries – never forget about the important anniversaries. Create a recurring reminder for each special date.

вќЌ Errands – create a personalized list of tasks to take care of your errands with ease. Add some extra meaning to the tasks using the colorful markers.

вќЌ Paying Bills – no more extra charges for the late fees! Use it to remind you about the next payment day.

вќЌ Important Calls – stay in touch with the people you care about.

вќЌ Taking Medication – never forget to take the right medication at a right time; create a daily reminder to help you do just that.

вќЌ Use it as an event planner.
Plan your events in advance with Reminder. Create the informative reminders easily, and be assured you will never miss a thing.

вќЌ Use the beautiful reminder widgets to always keep yourself up to date.

вќЌ Use daily reminders to remind yourself about the important daily routines.

вќЌ Create your own, personalized task list; use colorful markers to signify the importance of particular tasks.

вќЌ Customize the appearance of the Reminder with the gorgeous themes.

вќЌ Use the task synchronization to keep yourself notified across all of your devices.

вќЌ Create new reminders using your voice.

вќЌ Stay organized.

Important note
If you have any battery saving apps installed or the Doze mode enabled(Android 6.0+) on your device, please make sure to whitelist the Reminder to ensure the correct work of the app.(Is required only on certain devices)

вќЌ Features

• No Ads
• Material design
• Intuitive task/reminder creation
• Ability to create the repetitive tasks/reminders (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly)
• Ability to create the custom task/reminder repetitions (every N minutes/hours/days/weeks/months/years)
• Task/reminder markers
• Convenient task/reminder ordering
• Straightforward navigation
• Informative notifications
• Task synchronization
• Beautiful widgets
• Gorgeous themes
• Customizable experience
• Speech Recognition support
• Do not disturb mode
• Tablet support

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What is New:
• Minor bug fixes
• Performance improvements
• New Themes
• More Flexible Widgets
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