Dezzert CM12/CM13 Theme v1.7

Dezzert CM12/CM13 Theme v1.7

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Dezzert CM12/CM13 Theme v1.7

Dezzert is a pixel perfect and crisp cyanogenmod theme. Even the simplest UI detail has been taken care of to provide a complete experience. It has 15 more color variants to choose from with the help of ARCUS. And you even get both dark and light themes in a single package !

IMPORTANT - You need to be on a rom with latest Cyanogenmod Theme Engine. Download Arcus to unlock more color variants -

Dark and Light variants (Arcus required)
15 more color variants and more to come(Arcus required)
Themed Battery icons
60+ exclusive icons
55+ apps themed with more to come
boot animation
exclusive wallpapers


Currently the theme fully supports Dirty Unicorns, CM12/CM13, RR, AICP, AOSIP, AOSPA etc.. It may work with many other roms. They will be supported fully in the future according to the feedback. Don't forget to leave a rating!

Join the theme development community for progress and bug reports -
Or Email me here -

What is New:
* Added 'Flat Blu' arcus variant
* Themed new Arcus UI, Allo messenger
* Added few icons
* Minor bug fixes
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