Ash'd CM12/13 Theme v1.0.7

Ash'd CM12/13 Theme v1.0.7

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Ash'd CM12/13 Theme v1.0.7

Ash'd brings a unique take on darker themes. Built around Dark Grey and Material Deep Orange with white and lighter gray highlights. It's dark without being blacked out. Many apps are minimally themed and retain their light backgrounds so that you do not need to flash separate theme-ready packages for the full experience.

Arcus support with three additional color schemes:

-Dirty'd in the Dirty Unicorns color palette
-Chop'd in red
-Boost'd in yellow

Apps themed at release:

-System files
-System UI
-Google and AOSP dialers
-Google and AOSP contacts
-Google and AOSP keyboard
-Dirty Unicorns Certified (inverted)
-Dirty Unicorns Updater (inverted)
-Dirty Unicorns About
-Facebook Messenger
-Google Camera
-Google Drive
-Google Docs
-Google Sheets
-Google Slides
-Google Fit (splash screen)
-Google Hangouts
-Google Inbox
-Google Keep
-Google Maps and Street View (splash screens)
-Google Messenger
-Google Photos
-Google Play Books
-Google Play Movies
-Google Play Music
-Google Play Newsstand
-Google Play Store
-Google Translate
-Google YouTube
-Kernel Aduitor
-Nova Launcher (dark mode)
-SuperSU (inverted)
-Many CM apps

Submitting for DU certification...

What is New:
*Minor tweaks throughout. Added more accent color to G+.
*Hot fix for force closing on Instagram after the 9.3.5 update.
*Arcus support added and minor tweaks
-Dirty'd for DU
*Fix for black text on dark backgrounds in several apps.
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