Screenshot Capture v2.0.1 [Premium]

Screenshot Capture v2.0.1 [Premium]

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Screenshot Capture v2.0.1 [Premium]

Screenshot Capture is the simplest and easiest way to capture, edit and share your device's screen with friends.

Important: This program does not capture videos of the device screen. It only captures screen into a picture. If you want a screen recorder, try our new app


Overlay button
An easy to capture button that is displayed on top of everything.

Shake the device to take a screenshot.

Click the notification to take a screenshot.

Buttons Combo
Press POWER + VOLUME DOWN or POWER + HOME buttons at the same time to take a screenshot.


Add meaning to the screenshot by drawing text and shapes on top of it. Draw all kinds of shapes including line, circle, rectangle etc.

Crop important things out of your screenshot.

Image Filters
Transcend your screenshot by applying following filters:


    • Boost


    • Brightness


    • Color Depth


    • Contrast


    • Emboss


    • Gamma


    • Gaussian


    • Gray scale


    • Hue


    • Invert


    • Noise


    • Rotate


    • Saturation


    • Sepia


    • Sharpen


    • Sketch


    • Vignette


You can also apply different colour themes everyday. Following themes are available to choose from:
Blue, Blue Grey, Brown, Cyan, Orange, Deep Purple, Green, Indigo, Light Blue, Pink, Purple, Red and Teal.

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What is New:
- Crash fixes.
- App launch crash fix.
- Reduced application size by 1MB. "It's the age of vectors."
- Crash fixes.
- Easy options to select shake setting.
- Crash fixes.
- Fixed black border around screenshots.
- New simple and better cropper.
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