pixiv v5.0.34 [Mod]

pixiv v5.0.34 [Mod]

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pixiv v5.0.34 [Mod]

New updates to our pixiv app!

гЂђImprovements in our updateгЂ‘
гѓ»Rating and bookmarking are now combined as “Like!”.
гѓ»Bookmarks are now titled as “collection”.
гѓ»There is a Home page, where rankings and recommendations are shown. “Recommended” shows popular pixiv works and tailored works based on your likes.

гЂђFeatures that were deletedгЂ‘
гѓ»Search ordered by oldest to newest
гѓ»Set as wallpaper
гѓ»Feed (replaced by “Recommended”)

гЂђNew featuresгЂ‘
гѓ»Recommended works
гѓ»Related works
гѓ»Recommended users
гѓ»Search suggestions
гѓ»Filtered search

Mod List:

в—Џ Premium features Unlocked: No Ads, Sort by popularity
в—Џ PixiVision frames removed from Home Illustrations and Manga views
в—Џ PixiVision shortcut added to main menu
в—Џ No forced upgrade

What is New:
Version 5.0.34
* Added a "mute" feature.
Set certain creators or tags to hide.
Use pixiv without worrying about spoilers or works you don't want to see.
Mute is a pixiv Premium feature but standard users can try it out by muting up to one creator or tag.
Add or remove mutes from the mute settings accessible from the dot menu on the work details screen.
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