Encode: Learn to Code v2.3 [Pro]

Encode: Learn to Code v2.3 [Pro]

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Encode: Learn to Code v2.3 [Pro]

Learn to code with bite-sized programming lessons.

Coding lessons
Encode's packed with bite-sized coding lessons that combine succinct explanations and clear real-code examples.

Plus, you don't need to be a coding expert to use Encode! Learn coding basics (like adding numbers) and progress to advanced concepts (like using objects), all on your Android phone and tablet, with no prior coding experience required.

Real programming
Learn programming concepts all while writing and trying out real code, with our interactive, hands-on approach to teaching.

Encode features an interactive code editor powered by JavaScript, a popular programming language, that lets you apply what you've learned in lessons to fun coding challenges.

Learn anywhere
No wi-fi? Stuck on a train? Encode's ready wherever you are, with offline support that lets you learn without a data connection.

What is New:
<b>New lesson: Array methods</b>
Learn to use the handy pop, push, shift and unshift methods on arrays.
<b>New lesson: Map and reduce</b>
Discover a powerful way to summarize and create new arrays.
<b>Lesson updates</b>
Various lesson quality improvements, based on your feedback.
<b>New extras</b>
For our Encode Pro users, we've included additional challenges to complement the new lessons!
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