Blu XS CM12-13 Theme v0.7.3

Blu XS CM12-13 Theme v0.7.3

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Blu XS CM12-13 Theme v0.7.3

Welcome to my Blu XS Theme.. Blu XS is compatible with CM12, CM12.1, and Cm13. This is for the CyanogenMod CM Theme Engine.. This Theme is the full version of my Blu X Theme...

Blu XS is a transparent theme with a nice blu hue that includes some of our favorite themed Google and user apps.. I take great pride in my themes, and in the small details.. I try hard to make my themes better with each update so we can have the best experience possible.. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do


Please enable Night/Dark Theme in apps that have the option, I theme many apps that use day/night or dark/light theme options.

Confirmed Working On - Official DU, AOSiP, AICP, RR, Bliss, Pure Nexus, EOS, Exodus, Temasek 5.0 thru 6.0.1 and CM12 thru 13

Because some Unofficial Rom builds make Unofficial edits, and add mods that may conflict with heavily modded Themes, I am not supporting Unofficial builds. Please have a good working backup just in case. If you have an issue please email me and I will do my best to fix

This is only for LP 5.0, 5.1.1 and MM 6.0 Roms using the famous CM Theme Engine.. I will update Blu XS with the latest commits as CyanogenMod makes them availible , that way we can all have a best user experience.. If you are using a custom theme, you should apply the stock theme, reboot then apply my theme, and reboot twice.. I do run these themes myself and will keep them updated.. Big Thank you, to Google, XDA, and CyanogenMod for there relentless pursuit to give us the best of Android

Blu XS includes over 150 themed apps and over 200 matching icons

в?†New to Blu XSв?†

Take a peek at all the apps I include and any new changes I make below

My themes are compatible with the TBO n Theme Ready apps from djdarkknight, DaveyAnnihilation, Train88 and the whole TBO Team. Check em out, and dont be scared of the dark.



For My Blu Keyboards

*Please check Holo White or blue for my Blu D Keyboard..
*Please check Material Dark for my Material Blu D Keyboard

I would like to Thank djdarkknight, you are a gifted Themer/Dev as well as helping so many behind the scenes.. Thank you to Mark Bencze, micmars, and deuce_biggins.. You guys are the best

Special Thanks to Google for Android OS, Google Play and all their apps, XDA for giving us a great place to learn, share and grow, and CyanogenMod for their incredible roms, mods and the CM Theme Chooser we all love..

My Gplus page for info and stuff

*** If you have any issues or want to make a request please email me,, or visit my XDA thread and post.. ..
Thank you for your support



New misc app icons

--- UPDATED ---
G Play
Dirty U Certified
Removed - Opera mini/beta, and



XDA Labs- New G play edition
TWRP Manager- New v9+
ADW Launcher- New Beta v2+
ADW Notifier- New
G Playbook
New misc app icons

--- UPDATED ---
Dirty Unicorn Certified
AOSiP Settings misc
Twitter- New v6+ (FC fix)
XDA Premium
G Drive
3Minit Battery pro - Blacked out
G Deskclock

Issues contact

What is New:
Google CloudPrint Fully inverted
Misc app icons
New Blue Krome icons in misc apps
--- UPDATED ---
Framework Tweaks
SysUI commits
DU Gallery icons
Chrome, Beta, Dev and Chromium
G Now
G Allo
G Duo
G Hangouts Tweaks and bubbles fully Transparent Blu XS
Issues contact
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