fit•hub v3.1.7

fit•hub v3.1.7

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fit•hub v3.1.7

fit•hub was one of the Grand Prize winners of the Google Fit Developers Challenge!!

It has recently been completely redesigned.

fit•hub works with the following accounts:
* Android Wear
* Fitbit
* Jawbone
* Misfit
* Moves

It does NOT work with:
* Mi band (I would love to add support for this band. But... There is no support offered from Xiaomi to allow 3rd party developers app for Mi Band)
* Garmin (There is no Open platform for developers to develop for Garmin Connect. I talked to their market system but they do not partner with small developers... So I will not be able to add support for Garmin)

fit•hub works as a hub for you!
No more having to look through all of your fitness apps to see your data.
No more asking your friends with different devices how many steps they have today, be social and add friends to your list independent of their fitness tracker choice.

fit•hub lets you sync multiple accounts into one single dataset or view them individually.
Note that fit•hub can only read data from the official apps and can not be used in substitution of them.

NOTE: If you are using a Custom ROM and are having troubles signing in to Google or authenticating Facebook, Google Fit, etc.. That is on your own. You should contact the developer of the ROM that you are using.

Note2: If you are using Google fit it requires location. Check that location is enabled in your phone otherwise linking and syncing with Google Fit may not work.

Note3: If you are using the Watchface and the weather is not being updated is because Location is not ON either. Go into Settings -> Enable location.

fit•hub permissions explained:
*Internet: Access the data from the different fitness providers, sign in, check friends notifications.
* Run at start up and prevent from sleeping are necessary for the app to start the sync service when the device is restarted.
* Read Contacts is used to suggest you contacts to add to your friend list through their email address.
* Access WIFI and Network state is used to determine if the application has access to the internet or not.
* Find and use accounts on the device is necessary in order to Sign In with Google.

This application was developed very fast by a college student (me) for the Google Fit challenge. for any bug report or feature request please contact me at:

Thank you.

What is New:
* Another attempt of fixing Google Fit syncing...
* Updated Play Services to 9.6.1
* Bug fixed when phone location was not on
* Bug fixes
* Added Watchface!
* Implemented pagination for leaderboard
* Small fixes on sync
* Overall bug fixes
* Bug fixes
* Added Profile to Drawer menu
* Bug fixes
* Removed Firebase Crash Report
* Added Answers
3.0.5 - 3.0.8
* Small fixes.
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