Wavvy -CM 13/12.1 Theme v1.1.1

Wavvy -CM 13/12.1 Theme v1.1.1

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Wavvy -CM 13/12.1 Theme v1.1.1

You need a ROM with the latest CM theme engine in order to install and use this theme! This theme has been tested on DU(Dirty Unicorns), CM12, CM12.1, CM13, AOSiP, and CyanogenOS. It might work on other ROMS, but there could be missing images. If that's the case, please email your inquires to iam@notjustanotherdesigner.com. Do not use Playstore reviews for communication or for missing items as I will not be able to keep up with them and that's not what reviews are meant for.

Theme includes:
Base theme is dark blue, but individual apps are themed with their respective colors(i.e. Hangouts is green, G+ is red)
60+ themed apps and more to come in updates
Light style theme with 4 color variants(dark theme and more colors in updates, requires Arcus)
System wide theming including settings, google now, volume and pop-up panels, and quicksettings
Premium font
Exclusive gorgeous time contextual headers(need ROM with support)
Home and Lock Screen wallpapers for each color variant
Vector statusbar icons including themed Battery and support for dark mode icons(Requires Marshmallow)
Custom navigation bar including support for SmartBar(requires ROM with the feature)
200+ icons from my pack Bayside which has a beautiful complimenting blue color base

Apps themed:
Stock apps including Browser, Calculator, Documents, Messaging and more
Google Chrome(normal, Beta and Dev editions) and Chromium
Google PlayStore
Google Now(search app)
Du Certified and Updater
Google books, docs, maps, and messaging
Google Plus
Google Play Music
Theme Chooser

Arcus color variants
and more to come

Boot animation and custom sounds will also be added in updates

Please don't forget to leave a rating/review if you enjoy this theme. If you have any issues, please contact me via email so I can promptly respond and work to resolve the issue.

What is New:
v1.1.1 Removes Boot Animation to prevent Boot Issues
v 1.1 Changelog
Added Boot Animation(thanks to Jesus Partida)
Added custom animated radio buttons
Added custom animated checkboxes
Recolored Theme Chooser App(WIP)
Themed Allo
Fixed Signal and Wifi icons for dark status bar icons in light apps(thanks to Rahul K Dinesh)
Themed Battery(Thanks to Andre Zimmermann)
Added Yellow Light Variant
Adjusted gold color in areas like Google Now Search Logo to reflect Yellow variant color
Minor Tweaks
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