Periodic Table 2016 Pro v0.1.0 [Patched]

Periodic Table 2016 Pro v0.1.0 [Patched]

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Periodic Table 2016 Pro v0.1.0 [Patched]

Chemistry falls into to number of the most important sciences and is one of the main school objects. Its studying begins with the Periodic Table – Mendeleyev's Tables. Interactive approach to a training material is more effective than classical. As in it technologies which became the family for the modern pupils are used.

Periodic Table - is an application for Android OS which at start displays the interface of all periodic table. The table has the long-period form approved by the International union of theoretical and applied chemistry (IUPAC) as the basic.

Differences PRO version of FREE:
- More interactive tables
- Continuous addition of new application information elements
- More information about the additional elements
- Conductivity
- Electric type
- Magnetic type
- Bulk magnetic susceptibility
- Specific magnetic susceptibility
- Temperature Superconductivity
- Color of the item
- density
- Refractive Index
- Coefficient of thermal conductivity
- Electronegativity
- Valence
- Radioactivity
- Half life
- Molar volume
and much more

What to do if the application writes - "Your copy is not genuine?" -
1 - Remove and install the application again
2- Clear app cache Google Play ( Then run the application and Google Play
3 - Reboot Device
4 - Check the date and time on your device, sometimes the wrong time can result in a license check failure
5 - Use the default Google account from which you made the payment for the purchase of applications
6 - Update Google Services to the latest version
7 - Wait 24 hours for re-checking the license Google's servers

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What is New:
*Fixed a bug when you click on the search button line cleaning
*He has finished more than 800 isotopes
*This search for isotopes
*Added 5 search filters isotopes
*New function of language choice in the application settings
*Improved translation into Arabic
and much more
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