MobiDB Database Designer Pro v6.0.15.269

MobiDB Database Designer Pro v6.0.15.269

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MobiDB Database Designer Pro v6.0.15.269

MobiDB Database Designer is a general-purpose relational database app for business users with multi-user access and synchronization between the Android and Windows 10 app. It is able to store any type of information: inventory, invoices, project management, deliveries, orders, locations, etc.

What MobiDB Database Designer can do?
It’s able to design databases with multiple tables and complex relations, calculated values, export of the filled in database to CSV or PDF and then sharing it to external apps or just printing in hard copy.

Easily design databases
Designing custom libraries is easy in the convenient designer. Just drag and drop fields (string, integer, checkbox, email, date, picture, etc.) on to the form and arrange them in a way that will make the entry readable.

Conveniently manage entries
MobiDB Database Designer enables users to view the records as a table. Table view is highly customizable – it’s possible to change columns width and order, sort and filter the entries. You can view your data as a separate card which provides more information, such as extended text notes, pictures and photos. It’s also possible to view your records on map if you entered any GPS coordinates. Label the entered locations, proceed to details and add new entries right from the map view.

Helpful for many users
MobiDB Database Designer is the perfect way to keep track of personal and business data: belongings, orders delivery, travels and trips, inventory, invoices, project management and any other item you want to list. The app is a good fit for property and store owners who need to manage some stuff and funds, project managers who need to maintain projects and manage the team, couriers and travelers who need to store locations and be able to view them on map and many other business users.

The created databases can be shared via Dropbox or OneDrive for further use on other Android and Windows 10 devices.

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Main features
• Synchronization between Android and Windows 10 app;
• Importing/exporting CSV files;
• Export to PDF;
• Printing via Google cloud print (Android 4.4 and up)
• Multiple tables and relations;
• Dependent drop-down lists;
• Advanced Location control able to view entries on the map, change GSP coordinates by moving map marker, add new records from the map view, create custom labels for map markers.
• Totals in table view;
• Nested tables;
• Advanced multicolumn designer for phones able to set number of columns in the designer.
• Ability to proceed to the parent table via the table reference control and make modifications to a card;
• Ability to layout fields on the form in the way that is more functional and convenient for you;
• 21 pre-set database templates that can be easily edited;
• Creation, importing, exporting database templates for further use;
• 18 field types are supported: string, float, checkbox, date, hyperlink, email, phone, picture, address, etc.;
• Addition of new data fields, editing, deletion, moving, changing size of any fields;
• Sorting and filtering by multiple fields;
• Search;
• Autocomplete text entry;
• Entering and searching for data using bar codes;

More information on MobiDB features can be found here:

What is New:
Fixed: CSV import;
Fixed: App failure at first launch
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