iCare Hearing Test Pro v3.1.5

iCare Hearing Test Pro v3.1.5

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iCare Hearing Test Pro v3.1.5

iCare Hearing Test Pro could check your ear's hearing and age with diff frequencies, and it could check the degree of hearing loss in relation to the sound frequency.

в–є ear's Hearing Test
в–є ear's age Test
в–є Data management and analysis
в–є Hearing Care

A frequency range you changed and play, and asks whether you can hear them. From this, it tells you your highest and lowest audible frequencies, your "hearing age".

App generates your desired frequency sound by which a human will be able to hear that frequency. By the passage of time (human age) human's listening power getting worse so children are able to listen higher frequency as compare to elders.
Easy to use: Just set your desired frequency and increase volume gradually so you can hear a tone.

What is New:
1. Add HIIT Workout,ABS Workout, ASS Workout, Leg Workout.
2. Add new features
3. Fix bugs
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