Shopping List v5.0.0.4 [Unlocked]

Shopping List v5.0.0.4 [Unlocked]

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Shopping List v5.0.0.4 [Unlocked]

Don’t forget anything anymore
Thanks to the intuitive presentation you’ll always see the progress of your lists. Forgot to buy something? That’s a thing of the past.

Save you the tedious typing
Thanks to the auto completion and the master list, which you create and manage on your own, you can create complete lists in just a few clicks.

Organize purchases together
With the help of the synchronisation feature you can share your data and lists with anyone and thus create whole Shopping Lists together.

Android Wear Support
As the first shopping list application we’ve added Android Wear Support. Thereby you have all the items you need to purchase right on your wrist - no need to pull out your smartphone every time in the grocery store.

What’s also in it:
• Customizable Design - customize the appearance of the app the way you like it. Changing the Font, text size & color, the Design and color of the Toolbar is just a fingertip away
• Three different list types: Recipes, Shopping Lists, Todo
• Multiple automatically sort options
• Category-View for even more structure
• Shop-Feature for individual prices and sort orders
• Price history for every item
• Fully automatic synchronisation
• Reminders for your purchases
• And a lot more!

News & Contact

What is New:
We're happy to announce version 5 of Lister.
What's new:
• All features are free to use
• Cashback deals for selected regions
• Main navigation changed
• the app is now officially called "Lister"
Note on the location permission:
The cashback deals are currentlcy only available in selected regions. In order to determine the availabiltiy we need to check your location.
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