Bluecoins- Finance And Budget v37.20.02 [Unlocked]

Bluecoins- Finance And Budget v37.20.02 [Unlocked]

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Bluecoins- Finance And Budget v37.20.02 [Unlocked]

Bluecoins is an incredibly fast and powerful app for tracking and planning where your money goes, allowing you to easily plan a budget, never forget a bill,and spend money with confidence! With tablet support, Dropbox or Google Drive and even multi-currency support, you can have instant access to your personal finance information on any device, anytime, anywhere!

1. Transaction recording made easy
• Create income, expense and transfers transactions by just inputting the value and category – it’s that simple!
• Blazing fast transaction recording with automatic transaction repeat
• Built-in calculator
• Attach photos and receipts to any transaction
• Advanced users – SPLIT TRANSACTIONS –assign multiple expense categories to a single transaction

2. Budget planning
• Quickly set up accounts and income/expenses categories
• Easily set budget for income/expense for a given day, week, month or year
• Budget tool shows remaining or overspending of budget, in relation to given time period
• Account projection shows where your accounts can be in the future by sticking to your budget

3. Bill reminders
• Bill reminders make sure you never miss a bill again
• Reminders can automatically convert to a transaction with just one click!
• Reminders can be single instance or repeat for any time interval - once you’ve set it up, its worry free.
• Push notifications to make sure you’re reminded

4. Personal finance control
• Track your assets, liabilities and net worth
• Compare current account balances and net worth to any point in time
• See your account balances graphed over time
• Track your income and expenses with categories and budget targets
• Understand how much you spend and earn for any date range and frequency
• Project your future account balances and net worth
• Observe calendar highlights

5. Secure your data
Backup and restore data from your phone
• Automatically set to backup data daily
• Online backup and restoration of data via with QuickSync!
• Easily restore data across your devices
• Fingerprint support on compatible devices


Modern, simple but deeply powerful
- Very smooth and fast interface
- Very intuitive workflow to creating transactions and generating amazing finance and budget charts and reports
- Clean material design, every visual controls thoughtfully designed
- Pleasing Light and True Black Dark Theme (perfect in AMOLED screen)
- Tablet compatible design
- Widget to view running expense (today, last 7 & 30 days) and quick transaction

International support
- Multi-currency support including Bitcoin support!
- Automatically downloads currency conversion rate from internet when connection is available
- Add transactions in any currency and dynamically adjust exchange rates
- Localized formatting for money figures

Charts and Reports
- Daily Summary Chart
- Incomes, expense and cash flow
- Assets, liabilities and net worth
- Categorized spending and income
- Budget tracking
- Account balance over time

Export your data
- Export all chart graphs/reports
- Export all reports in spreadsheet format (such as Microsoft Excel)
- Export all transactions
- Export all account balances

Import transactions from Excel

Bluecoins is the app that is your:
- Personal finance manager
- Budget manager
- Expense manager / Income manager
- Expense tracker / Income tracker
- Accounts management / manager
- Bills manager and organizer
- Currency converter

Read more about the benefits of upgrading to premium version here:

Language Support Translations:
German (zerosys of XDA)
Spanish (Esteban Aberásturi)
Itaian (Giuseppe Aiello)
French (Vax Baduti)
Japanese, Portugese, Russian, Dutch

Bluecoins is a quality application and top performance is my #1 goal. Please email for any issues or problems you may have on before rating.

What is New:
Click here for more detailed change log-
Card Filters for Daily, Net Earnings, Budget, Net Worth
Reset button to clear advance filter
"No Labels" filter
Budget Card can hide income row and show category (instead of group)
36.20.08 (Important Update)
Fixed: transaction tab shows up reminders instead
v37- Flexible Cards
v36- Credit Card Account Report
v35- New Daily Card & Balance Sheet
v34- Google Drive integraion
v33- Travel mode
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