Chronos Calendar v2

Chronos Calendar v2

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Chronos Calendar v2

Chronos Calendar has all the features expected from an android calendar while still maintaining a beautiful user interface designed to be customizable for each user’s liking.

Features рџЏ†

• View your events in Schedule View ordered by the time of day [ New ]
• Import all your events from Google calendar easily [ New ]
• Choose from a selection of fonts to personalize your calendar
• Each event can have its own color and icon to be distinguishable at a glance
• Color wheel picker used to select any color that you like, don’t be confined to pre-defined colors
• Animations for changing months and selecting a day make the calendar look more alive
• Beautiful widget has the same color as the main calendar's color
• Side bar menu changes according to the selected month’s season
• Notifications show the event color, icon and event time which gives them a distinct look while still showing the most important part – time! рџ•ђ
• Ability to erase only one instance of a recurring event or all of them

Chronos Calendar View

• Swipe up and down to move between months
• A faster way to move - click on the calendar icon on the right to select a specific date or click on the calendar icon on the left to go back to today’s date
• Efficient - an agenda-like list is shown below the calendar that displays all the day’s events with their respective titles, colors, icons and times for a fast way to check your schedule
• All the details - Click on an item in the list to bring up a window showing all the information of the event

Adding Events

• Select a day on the calendar and click on the plus button to create a new event
• Each event is completely customizable, from the color to the icon
• Create an extended event by selecting an end date different from the starting one
• Add recurring events very easily by specifying the repetition period, from every day to every year and many in between!
• Notifications can be selected to appear up to one week before the event, if the event repeats every event in the series will have a notification

Agenda View

• Lists all the day’s events from earliest to latest in clean and stylish view
• A simple view showing event title, icon and time for fast browsing
• If an event is clicked, it’ll expand to show the description as well as the location
• Swipe left or right to move in between days or touch on the calendar icon to quickly select a specific date

Planned Features

• AМ¶dМ¶dМ¶ М¶cМ¶aМ¶lМ¶eМ¶nМ¶dМ¶aМ¶rМ¶ М¶wМ¶iМ¶dМ¶gМ¶eМ¶tМ¶ вњ” (v 1.4)
• AМ¶gМ¶eМ¶nМ¶dМ¶aМ¶ М¶VМ¶iМ¶eМ¶wМ¶ М¶:М¶ М¶cМ¶rМ¶eМ¶aМ¶tМ¶eМ¶ М¶aМ¶nМ¶dМ¶ М¶dМ¶eМ¶lМ¶eМ¶tМ¶eМ¶ М¶eМ¶vМ¶eМ¶nМ¶tМ¶sМ¶ вњ” (v 1.5)
• IМ¶mМ¶pМ¶oМ¶rМ¶tМ¶ М¶GМ¶oМ¶oМ¶gМ¶lМ¶eМ¶ М¶CМ¶aМ¶lМ¶eМ¶nМ¶dМ¶aМ¶rМ¶ М¶eМ¶vМ¶eМ¶nМ¶tМ¶sМ¶ вњ” (v 1.7)
• AМ¶dМ¶dМ¶ М¶WМ¶eМ¶eМ¶kМ¶ М¶VМ¶iМ¶eМ¶wМ¶ вњ” (v 1.8)
• Add Google Maps Support

Android Version Compatibility

Chronos Calendar supports android version 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich and up

Tested with Nexus, Motorola and Samsung devices.

Engineered in Canada рџЌЃ.

What is New:
*Added Weather View(v 2.0)
*Added Google Maps Support(v 2.0)
*New look for Agenda View(v 2.0)
*Fixed Schedule View not loading events for previous months(v 2.0)
*Fixed Agenda View opening wrong event when selected(v 2.0)
*Added 7-inch Tablet support(v 1.9)
*Improved UI(v 1.9)
*Added Calendar Images for each month(v 1.9)
*Calendar and Agenda maintain the date on orientation change(v 1.9)
*Fixed bug when trying to edit the event date(v 1.9)
*Added Schedule View(v 1.8)
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