Carpus Gesture Control v1.3.10 [Unlocked]

Carpus Gesture Control v1.3.10 [Unlocked]

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Carpus Gesture Control v1.3.10 [Unlocked]

Carpus lets you quickly start applications, make phone calls, or launch any other task by easy tilt gestures.
Just choose a sequence of tilt gestures, and select an action to be launched, then perform the tilts in order to start the selected task.

You can start the detection of tilts, either by touching the widget (which is always shown on the screen) , or by putting your finger on the proximity sensor (without touching the screen).

The power consumption is very low, since the tilt sensors are activated only when you touch the activator (Widget, Hotspot, Proximity sensor) , and once you release your finger, they become deactivated again.

[ Supported Actions ]
в?… Phone call
в?… Send email
в?… Open URL
в?… Send SMS
в?… Launch app
в?… Shorcuts
в?… Recent Apps
в?… Previous Application
в?… Next application
в?… Full-screen (Immersive mode)
в?… Home
в?… Back
в?… Flash light
в?… Play music
в?… Bluetooth
в?… WiFi
в?… And much more ...

[ Root Actions]
в?… Scrolling
в?… Kill app

[ Other features]
в?… Bright and dark themes
в?… Backup and restore
в?… Start tilt detection by touching the Widget.
в?… Start tilt detection by touching a Hotspot.
в?… Start tilt detection by putting finger on the Proximity Sensor.

If there is a problem, please email me at or go post to XDA forum.
Give me a chance to fix the issue before posting your review.

[ Contact ]

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What is New:
+ Fixed bugs.
+ Start tilt detection by putting a finger on the proximity sensor.
+ Added support for Gyroscope sensor.
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