Magnifier & Microscope+ [Cozy] v3.3.0

Magnifier & Microscope+ [Cozy] v3.3.0

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Magnifier & Microscope+ [Cozy] v3.3.0

This app turns your phone into a digital magnifier. You don't need to carry a magnifier anymore.

* Basic features
вЉ™ Magnification (H/W, S/W)
вЉ™ Microscope (more fine picture)
вЉ™ LED Flashlight
вЉ™ Macro Camera
вЉ™ Image Freezing
вЉ™ Embedded photo viewer
вЉ™ Image filters(Negative, Sepia, Mono)
вЉ™ WYSIWYG saves

* Plus version features
в?… Basic features
в?… No Ads
в?… Full screen mode
в?… Enhanced gallery viewer
в?… Exposure control
в?… Saving low definition pictures

Do you have to remove your glasses to read a business card?
Do you have to carry a big magnifying glass to read the model number of a tiny semiconductor?
Do you use a microscope to observe legs of a tiny insect?

Fantastic solution is here!

Use your smartphone as a nice magnifier!
Use your smartphone as a nice microscope!
Use your smartphone as a nice macro camera!

Magnifier & Microscope+ makes you a smart guy!

1. Magnifier
- Live H/W magnification.
- Live S/W magnification(x4).
- Taking pictures.
- Continuous auto focus(If possible).

2. Freeze shot
- Freezing screen to see picture stably.
- Useful in moving car.
- Useful to write a memo on paper.

3. Microscope
- More fine picture than magnifier mode.
- More magnification.

4. Zooming controls
- Zooming control bar.
- Pinching to zoom everywhere.

5. Image Effects
- Support frequently used picture effects.(Negative, Sepia, Mono)

6. Flash light
- Flash light ON/OFF
- Volume-down button to turn flash light on or off.

7. Taking pictures
- Taking a picture by pressing volume-up button or touching camera icon.
- Saving a picture by touching save icon.
- Support WYSIWYG(What You See Is What You Get) saving in microscope mode & freezing mode.

8. Image Viewer
- Quick image viewing for saved image.
- Image effects.(Negative, Mono, Sepia)
- Image sharing.
- Image rotation.

9. Full Screen
- 'Menu' button switches full screen on & off.

* Some devices can't use some functions.
* This is not a real microscope. ;)

What is New:
- Full screen
- Easy to use gallery
- Bug fixes
- Sharpness/Brightness/Contrast controller is added for freeze & microscope screen.
- Easy review & share page is added
- Supports Nexus 5X
- Bug fixes
* Images are saved in CozyMag directory.
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