Real Notepad : Notebook v3.2 [Patched]

Real Notepad : Notebook v3.2 [Patched]

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Real Notepad : Notebook v3.2 [Patched]

Real Notepad for android is new this time ! it provide Notebook like experience with notes!

1. Taking Notes or Making Memo Real Notepad / Notebook will make your day awesome.
2. If you are coder or write you can write you scripts on go.
3. Format the text way you like with different Color option to take notes and set specific colour to note.
4. Practice Dictation .
5. Type in many languages all languages are supported - Keyboard Based Only

This Notepad serves as great experience in making manuscript and best for samsung note s app.
You can create Check list of things you want todo, which serves as reminder for notice.

Opens HTML ,CSS ,TXT ,CSV ,RTF ,BAT ,VBS ,JAVA ,C ,CPP and many others
Create HTML ,CSS ,TXT ,CSV ,RTF ,BAT ,VBS ,JAVA ,C ,CPP and many others

Keep files as HTML ,CSS ,TXT ,CSV ,RTF ,BAT ,VBS ,JAVA ,C ,CPP in side your google pixel or any other phone.

If you like Desktop Notepad on your computer you will love this too!
In Classroom you need not to use nots just open this notebook and start writing.
This is one of the most advanced notepad with facilities like desktop.

Download Now - Real Notepad
it all about the look and feel of this notepad that make it look a lot
charming and our own!

Features of Real Notepad
1. Look and Feel of real desktop notepad.
2. Font Formating
3. Open and Create .txt files
4. Open and Create every files as in Desktop.
(By Changing Text Files to All files and adding extension behind name of file
and you can make files as HTML , BAT , VBS , TXT , EXE , CSV etc every file that
could be opened and created by desktop notepad ).
5. Find & Replace Function
6. Time and Date Keep
7. Cut , Copy & Paste

When using in class and teacher dictating notes it serve as one of the easy note taking with more text and words to fit on. Quick notes sharing online with txt format . Dictate and improve your typing speed as well.
This is best app for writers , collaborators , students , coder and list keep going on and on ! keep in mind the google Playstore has best apps and it one the best app on google play store.

в?… For any organization office work is so hectic ! you have a list of duties todo! Whats best this app.
в?… One of the fastest notepad
в?… Easily converted to Notebook on tablet.
в?… Soon a free version of this Real Notepad will come and will have ads.
в?… Share notes between devices by sharing files created by this Professional Notepad.
в?… Memo pad to create useful manuscripts and color fun fonts writing pad.
в?… Loved by microsoft window users familiar with notepad.
в?… if you have a blog or you are frequent blogger write your posts in this Notebook and add color to text and more you blog post on the go , not need todo any thing else.
в?… Exclusive Notes taking app that is made for Writes , Content creator , Writing pad for kick starter .
в?… Sharepoint for stories you create.

Please Visit Blog with what i am doing with app

What is New:
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[Translation] BETA
Real Notepad is translated into Turkish language
Please support by email if everything looks good.
Better Look and Feel on Tablet
Real Notepad's Font box picks Font dynamically
from /System/Fonts Folder
SHARE FILE button in File Menu to
Share Opened FIle Quickly
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